Monday, February 14, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

UPDATE: A full demolition permit has been submitted for 35 Cooper Square.... As the watch continues (see EVG for more), Sally Young sent in this shot from 8:30 this morning. The axe falls:

Support the San Gennaro Feast: Attend the CB2 meeting on Thursday 2/17 at 6:00. Click here for more info.

A tour of the boutiques of Nolita during Fashion Week, with no feast on, and with very little business. [youtube]

2/19: Party down to Save Coney Island. [SCI]

"Brooklyn is repulsive with novelists, it's cancerous with novelists," says Jonathan Lethem. "I do love New York, but it's also unbearable to me in some ways, and I compulsively leave it behind. It's not the best place to write. The mental traffic level is very high there." [LAT]

Goodbye Gowanus--the real estate boom begins. [Curbed]

Chelsea Hotel gets Doughnut Planted--artisanal sweets where Chelsea Guitars used to be. [Gothamist]

Who was Rear Window's "Miss Torso"? [VS]

Houston Street, your world has been adjusted:


Anonymous said...

Ugh- re Donut place! :(
OMG is Dan's Chelsea Guitars totally gone? How sad.

Ken Mac said...

the end has come and gone