Tuesday, December 21, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Where Gino used to be, now the plywood for Sprinkles cupcakes stands with the promise of "Coming Soon." Next door, the Diesel store tells the city to BE STUPID.

Tonight at IFC: A screening of They Live with a discussion between Jonathan Lethem and John Hodgman. [IFC]

Papa John's moves into the East Village, decides to change the name of the neighborhood. [EVG]

Marty does Julius' Bar--long may it stand and never become faux-stalgia'd. [365]

"Coney Cretins" threaten boardwalk holdouts with more threats. [NYO]

BED BUGS on Park Slope Pavilion marquee. [FIPS]

A reader sends in this nostalgic video collage of 1970s NYC set to Herbie Hancock. [youtube]

...And another of Allen Ginsberg. [youtube]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Thanks for sharing that 70s video - so much to see! The cars definitely stole the show.

mitch said...

You tease! It doesn't look like there are any tickets available to that screening of 'They Live'.

Jeremiah Moss said...

looks like they sold out! must have been a hot ticket.