Monday, December 13, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

How did Santacon go from 1970s anarchist prank to 2000s pub crawl? [Grumbler]

Santarchy Logo

NY Post writer defends poor, oppressed, drunken frat boys from the omnipotent Bohemian overlords of the East Village. [EVG]

A collection of Mars Bar photos. [GVDP]

Checking in on the site of the lost Moondance Diner. [FP]

Mmm...Peter Pan donut shop. [NYS]

Warm up with a trip to Rockaway. [FNY]

During Santacon, in the men's room of the Loews Village 7. At least he flushed after tossing his candy.

A watch repairman who's still ticking after 60 years. [DNA]

Visiting the Staten Island Greenbelt. [13]

Talking about the gentrification of Williamsburg--in England. [UKG]

Artwork by LAII. [EVC]

The history of Schames Paints. [BB]

America is banging at the gates again. [NYT]

"Bike zealots are now spreading their tired propaganda..." [Restless]

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Jazz said...

Hey, I'll take some photos in the morning but it looks like HSBC has moved out of the williamsburg savings bank and has removed it's horrific signage and revealed some old signage. As you may know the building sold for 4.5 million - I hope the new owner respects it's historical importance and beauty.