Monday, December 6, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Christopher St. art gallery The Chair and the Maiden closes with a goodbye note saying "ART HAS NO PLACE IN THE WEST VILLAGE!" And that we who value "the West Village's historic roots of self-expression are saddened" that the gallery is being evicted "under the guise of 'progress' and retail avarice."

Checking in on the Peep-O-Rama sign in Times Square's visitor center. [NYT]

Is the destruction of Times Square really over at last? [NYT]

The destruction of Canal St. begins. [NYT]

The destruction of Coney continues with demolitions of the Shore Hotel and Henderson Building. [ATZ]

On the passing of Elaine's Elaine. [CNY]

How a local LES butcher revived his business. [CR]

Best wishes and get well to LES blogger Bob Arihood. [EVG]

7th St. is given over to lanky Italians, homesick Brazilians, and other obnoxious foodies: "The echoes of demonstrators yelling 'Die, Yuppie Scum' may be very faint these days, but there is no Shake Shack...yet." [NYT]

Meanwhile, E. 7th is growing a tumor. The top has been ripped off and another floor has been added to this tenement house with a long history of community involvement, political activism, and artistic creativity. The owner's friends wrote in to my original post to say she is "taking great pains to do a historical renovation." She is also, I hear, adding an elevator. I guess that's for reaching the new floor.


Jill said...

I love going to Jeffrey's because he is a flirt, and it makes buying meat fun. Plus, he doesn't think it's weird when I want the head of the chicken removed, but in a separate bag.

Tricia said...

Re the Peep Show Booths at the Times Sq visitors center, it would be fun if they were equipped with naughty movies, perhaps of the 19th c. variety so as not to offend anyone. The Coney Island Museum has a peep show where for a penny you can watch the electrocution of Topsy the elephant by Thomas Edison.