Friday, December 17, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Marty visits Max Fish and finds "it stills retains a vibe of the East Village of yesterday." [365]

Fedora is now going to be "more of a bar." Hence the bar extension. [HP]

For the East Villager in your life, the only gift guide you need this holiday season. [EVG]

Restless wrestles with the bike-lane zealot future. [Restless]

Enjoy Benno Friedman's photos of Times Square's once sleazy underbelly of 1979. [VS]

14th St. is losing its Passion:

Looking back at the destruction of Beekman Street. [TGL]

Literary stuff still happens on the increasingly dim-witted Bowery. [CR]

Finding the long lost Translux theater on the UES. [FP]


Ed said...

I'm only an occasional visitor to Marty's blog, but that was a great post and will give a good sense to people who care in the future what Max Fish was about. And I'm not even close to a regular there.

To chime in on the "will visiting a bar every day for an entire year ruin Marty's health" debate, as long as he has limited to four drinks a night, no. Most healthy adult males of his age and build can stand four drinks night, and he is doing everything else right. If you do more, as many New Yorkers do, then you need to take a one or two day break afterwards.

Marty Wombacher said...

Those are great photos over at Vintage Sleaze. And I like the line about leaving the dust marks and scratches on photos. Photos are too perfect today and look unrealistic.