Monday, December 20, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

The new Fedora has lost its old sign and gained a replica--without the dings and rust spots of history:

Hickey's has closed--the dive bar near Penn Station was expected to shutter in 2008. Now it has. [EVG]

Greenwich Village bar The Stoned Crow is closing. Says Marty of his encounter with the owner of the photo-covered dive: "Betty looked sad... she told me the bar is closing due to steep rents from her greedy-ass landlord." [365]

The Walker finds "real, honest-to-God local entertainment" on the shuttle train. [WIC]

Riding the holiday Nostalgia Train. [BB]

Some people oddly excited about new bank branch. [NYO]

Take a walk from Coney to Midwood. [FNY]

Go back in time on a Coney Motordrome bike. [ATZ]

Along the fence at the 13th Street "mystery lot," a new work of art--clothing and hangers arranged to spell MATERIALISTIC:


Marty Wombacher said...

Sad news about The Stoned Crow and Hickey's. Two more down. And Fedora told me that the new owners were going to keep the original sign. Why am I not surprised they went back on that? I think I'll stay away from the new place and remember it as it was.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

No, not the Stoned Crow! I love that place. :( What a shame. At this point, we should just gather all our dead favorite places and re-open them all in one space: Max Stoned Crow Fish Fedora...on Mars.

glamma said...

really sorry to hear about the stoned crow. thanks sucks!

Anonymous said...

I've said it once before and I will say it again:

New York just get it over with already.