Thursday, March 6, 2008

Grace & Hope Mission

Saw this coming when the Toll Brothers put their tower up on Third Avenue. After 77 years in the city, tiny neighbor Grace & Hope Mission is now defunct. They opened in New York City in 1930, first in Times Square, and then the building at 114-116 Third Avenue was built in 1964.

under Toll scaffolding October 2007

According to their website, "If you were to walk into 114 Third Avenue any evening (except Monday) you would find the chapel nearly filled to capacity and the singing enthusiastic. Those in attendance are mostly homeless, some living in shelters or hotels in the immediate area. Many are drawn to GHM by the necessity of food, which is freely, and compassionately, served, from these premises."

The women of the mission provided daily lunches and blankets. They visited the sick and dying. Now their building looks like the perfect spot for a Pinkberry.

So much for grace and hope.

today: scaffolding and mission gone


Anonymous said...

Was this due to a rent increase? I didn't see anything on their site about why this happened.

Anonymous said...

Bet the pols & developers are in some cigar bar, mulling which church should be razed & replaced by a glass box. St. Pat's: tired Gothic. Perfect site for new condo:tea at Plaza, shop at Saks. St. Bart's: too Maria Montez. Locale for those who love Park Ave. St. John the Divine: they'll never finish it; scrap it. Condo for those with the new Harlem on their mind. Let the demolition begin! There's $$$ to be made!