Friday, March 28, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

A giant silver penis with hairy testicles, outlined in hot pink, appears above the doomed one-stories at 10th and 4th--soon to be hidden by a towering hotel?

Fontana's shoe repair shop has been gutted. The sign is gone. There's a Dumpster out front. And three workers have managed to completely rip out the floors, walls, and ceiling (sob):

Shuttered CBGB's 313 Gallery opens as Morrison Hotel Gallery and one blogger who attended is "encouraged & amazed to see a creative based business actually thriving in the current climate." [Stupefaction]

Element Beauty Lounge covers up the great artifacts exposed by the facade teardown at 10th and 3rd. Why they would enclose a gorgeous, antique cast-iron column in sheet metal I cannot fathom:

DKNY and Pottery Barn get eaten by Abercrombie as the Vongerichtifiers devour each other across the Manhattan landscape. [Gothamist]

And someone, somewhere will no doubt shell out the $200 to buy the latest banned-in-America Abercrombie sales catalog. [NYPost] via Racked

Don't get too excited--that Coney Island roller rink pretty much proves to have been nothing more than a celebrity-infused publicity stunt for Tommy Hilfiger and Glamour magazine. What a tease! [Observer]

Next Thursday, April 3, catch a reading and peepshow about Diane Arbus' work on Hubert's Flea Circus, one of the great wonders of lost Times Square. [Freebird Books]

What's left of 6th Avenue? Not much--but what's there is good. [ForgottenNY]


Anonymous said...

hilarious -- I had to click on the pic to see the big pink dick but the hairy part alludes me...
laughter but tears....time to get out of here!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremiah...thanks for the tip on the Pool Art Fair at the Chelsea Hotel...Mrs. Grieve and I did that today. Stopped by Peter McManus afterwards for a few drinks...a lovely day.

Jeremiah Moss said...

hey grieve, good to see you're branching out from the ev--and you picked two great places to do so!