Tuesday, March 25, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Robert DeNiro is getting $38.9 million in tax-free September 11 Liberty Bonds to build a hotel for the affluent! [Chelsea H]

Take a terrifying look at a new vision of the Chelsea Hotel. [Gothamist]

Rolando discovers Vanderveer Park, a forgotten neighborhood in Brooklyn. [Urbanite]

The War of Bushwick rages on as the scourge of welfare beans and dusty carpets is slowly eradicated by gentrifiers both celebrated and reviled. [BushwickBk]

Greenpoint loses a "much-needed houseware store" for a totally unnecessary bank branch. [NYShitty]

As we embark on the final season of Yankee Stadium, a look back at the history of its team. [BBoys]

Todd gets a peek behind the scenes before the Stadium falls. [Hell'sK]

Taxpayers shell out $190 million to destroy the ballpark they love. [Queens Crap]


Anonymous said...

The Avalon is the coldest and most soulless piece of crap in New York. Keep that crap in Dubai.

Anonymous said...

My favorite line from the Post article on Expensive Place: "The suits at Avalon Bay are hailing the newly spruced area as 'a slice of the Left Bank' right here in Manhattan."

Not even sure where to start on this one. This is so laughbly wrong on every level. I dunno, I see the Left Bank, in part, as a celebration of the city's artistic past. This Avalon thing/place is a celebration of who has the most money...and how quickly we can bulldoze the past to make way for the wealth.

(And many thanks for the mention/link.)