Monday, March 24, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Take a look inside the most recent crane disaster. [Curbed]

A visual roundup of crane accidents. [Gothamist]

Blog commenters get really mad about a pro-Marc Jacobs post that celebrates shops filled with "young, charming and hilarious people." [Racked]

A new roller rink opened recently in Staten Island--and here I am saying some stuff about rollerskating. [Observer]

And another roller rink opens at Coney, in the old Childs building--too bad this one is temporary. [Curbed]

Speaking of Childs, a piece of the Childs restaurant chain survives at Fulton. [City Room]

Chelsea Barnes and Noble to shutter this week. Hurry in to get your big sale puppy calendars and photo essays about tractors. [Racked]

A great old pic of Streit's Matzo Factory from the VNY Flickr Pool:

photo by LeoLondon


so_chic_darling said...

I watch the cold face of Yves everyday,I live on 18th st,with delight and schadenfreude as this ultimate piece of shit goes up.I could just tell from the start that it was badly built.I can't wait till the leaks start and the lawyers come sweeping in on their brooms for the kill.

Anonymous said...

Love the rollerskating comments.