Monday, March 3, 2008

Buon Viaggio Fontana Shoes

Friday was the last official day for Fontana Shoes, but Angelo was in the shop on Saturday, greeting the many well-wishers who came to say goodbye. His door never stopped. Some brought flowers, others hugs and kisses. He'll be there today, too.

Not ready for retirement, Angelo wishes the shop could go on for a few more years. Though he lives in Staten Island, he says, "This is where I live. With these people, this place. I only sleep in Staten Island."

In a spark of hope, there's a chance the landlord may be negotiating. But who knows? Today at 3:00, the Block Association is throwing a farewell party in the shop. Go if you can. Angelo is bringing the cannoli.


Anonymous said...


Pay a visit to A.K. Shoe Repair on 9th and 1st (next door to 9th st. Bakery). This is a similar shop. Let's hope it doesn't share the same fate.

Anonymous said...

I don't *visit* there; I get my shoes fixed there! Business is what mom-and-pops need, not sightseers. (Not to mention reasonable landlords, but that's another story.)

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I'll watch my choice of words more carefully here from now on. The last time I *visited* there was to buy a pair of shoes, not to press my face against the front window like a buffoon. My comment was addressed to Jeremiah, whose *visits* I gather usually include business transactions and account for most of the content on this site.