Monday, September 24, 2007

Robo-Hotel in Williamsburg

Is this real or is it a brilliant satire of today's soulless New York culture? It is, thankfully, a joke/art piece. But god it seems so real, they totally had me. I was having one of those Orson-Wellian "War of the Worlds" moments.

The satirical site for the Platinum Empire Cove luxury development in Williamsburg...


A Kell said...

it's satire.

not too hard to imagine it's real though, which is very unnerving.

Jeremiah Moss said...

thank you--i just saw that! they totally had me going, i was getting very excited.

Anonymous said...

the body scrubs out of old growth rain forest reminded me of this choice conversation between Salma Hayek and Oprah:

OPRAH: ...What are you excited about now?

SALMA: I'm remodeling my bathroom - and I can't begin to tell you how much joy that brings me.

OPRAH: Yes, you can - you're talking to the right woman! I'm doing mine, too. I just found this stone from an old castle in Italy, and it was laid out the way it's going to be laid on my bathroom floor. The other day I was just standing there going, "Who has walked on this stone?" And I was picturing myself walking around the bathroom, in the tub, getting out on the stone, with my towels here and my chaise there. And I'm telling you, this is what matters.


ALMA: We have to keep remodeling because we keep evolving. And of course my house really belongs to my dogs, so when I redecorate, I have to think of them.

OPRAH: I actually have a dog room.

SALMA: I'm not that rich, but maybe one day.

When are you going to do a post about what people do for their effing dogs in our culture these days?

Or their cars?