Monday, September 10, 2007

Astroland, 9/11 Art, Death of a Great American City

Coney's Astroland saw its last day yesterday [Gowanus Lounge]. Or did it? Thor just received an ultimatum. Check out the overheard inside scoop. [Kinetic Carnival]

It's official: Bloomberg despises all that is good about New York City. [NY Sun] [Lost City]

art from howl fest

The Mosaic Man's 9/11 memorial may be smashed by the city. I guess street art in the New East Village is only acceptable if it's part of a controlled festival like Howl. [NMNL]

Where are you, Jane Jacobs? We need you! First she fled to Canada, then she died. But her memory lives on in a Municipal Art Society exhibit opening 9/25. [MAS]

The plight of the Breslin Hotel residents makes it to the pages of the Gray Lady. Is anybody listening? [NYT]

Vanity Fair redefines "Boho" -- now that the bohemians of New York have been pushed out, Boho stands for the luxury Bowery Hotel, natch! [Vanity Fair]

Old buildings lengthen your life. [HDC]

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Brooks of Sheffield said...

Dude: Love the way you characterized my post on Bloomberg.