Friday, September 28, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

Why the city we love is being lost (see above) -- and one woman's plan to save it. [Queens Crap]

It seems like everyone's talking about this vanishing city -- first Time Out and now the Municipal Art Society asks, "Is New York losing its soul?" Find out the answer (as if we have to ask) October 3. [MAS]

After a bit of back-and-forth, Mo Pitkin's decides to close up shop and sell the building, as of October 20. [Gothamist]

Sign the petition to save the Playpen. [Curbed]


Chaim said...

Followed the link, checked out the "checkered" cab design.

*sigh* No "kick" here.

When they talk about doing things for the sake of "nostalgia," it seems more like they are making fun of people who prefer old ways, rather than catering towards them... That cab redesign is nothing but a punchline.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the yunnie would call this new checkered design, "updated", meaning it is geared towards his tastes (he being postmodernism personified). The only thing they left out was the ".com" after "Taxi".

How many millions do you think the city paid whichever ultrahip design firm came up with that monstrosity?