Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gordon Novelty Shop


Opened in 1934, it has been closed for years, and while we could not step inside to shop for X-ray Spex and whoopie cushions, we could still walk down Broadway and enjoy the wonderful old facade of the Gordon Novelty shop. I took these photos in 2003. Now this nostalgic signage from another age has vanished. Today a tipster let me know that the building has been covered with a big Thor Equities sign. I went by to take some new pictures.

The front has been totally stripped. No more golden-lettered Bazaar Items, Chinese Lanterns, Noise Makers, and Joke Items. The building is for lease.

If you'd like to buy a letter from the sign, Thor will sell it to you for $200.

this photo by jschumacher

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