Wednesday, September 26, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

The Flower District loves us, it loves us not. This fragrant and inviting part of town is abandoning pricey Manhattan, petal by petal. [AMNY]

Parts of the Domino Sugar plant have been landmarked. Sadly, the lovely yellow sign was not included. [Gothamist] HDC Voice puts in their two cents.

Tour Queens with an urban geographer. [NYT]

Williamsburg declared Condoburg by graffitists and satirists. [GL]

Out-of-control rents bring the grim reaper to the Upper West Side. [AMNY]


Anonymous said...

What were you doing in a Dunkin Donuts? It's a corporate chain that furthers gentrification. Are you two-faced? Live what you preach.

Jeremiah Moss said...

i took this picture of the pink-shirt guy from the street, through the glass doors.

that said, i do occasionally get coffee at Dunkin Donuts. sometimes, i've even been forced into a starbucks. the problem with the chains is they eliminate choice. it's impossible to be a purist in this world and i don't aim to be one.

i have no problem with a couple chains here and there. it's the mass proliferation that's problematic.