Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tenants of Carnegie Hall & Breslin Hotel


AP photo of 95-year-old photographer Editta Sherman

By now, we've all heard about how the artist tenants of Carnegie Hall are being pushed out. The New Yorker has a great Talk of the Town piece about the people who live in the Carnegie Hall Studio Towers, "one Manhattan commonplace: a band of artist-occupants whose tenancy is venerable, tenuous, and probably doomed."

This week, Chelsea Now reports on a lesser-known locale, The Hotel Breslin, where the same thing is happening. Says one of the tenants, "We’re under siege, here."

When did we declare war on our artists? What city is this? New York, I hardly know you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post.I knew about the Carnegie Hall situation, but not the Breslin, (as a matter of fact, I did not know of the Breslin's existence)therefore the post is greatly appreciated. Like yourself, I am outraged by the way people who have lived in places for a long time, are being harrassed, and the way "wealth" seems paramount to everything. Unfortunately (this is simply my opinion) we have a city administration that believes in the dog eat dog concept of "progress". At any rate, I am glad I discovered your blog--keep posting these stories, and the good links as well.
Bob Landau

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks for your good comment and for reading!