Wednesday, August 1, 2007

St. Ann's Church


NYU's looming new dorm building continues to rise behind the decapitated facade of St. Ann's Church on East 12th Street. At 26 stories, it will be the tallest building in the East Village. (The Green Monster at Astor Place and the Toll Brothers behemoth are both a mere 21 stories.)

Curbed likens the monstrosity to the Tower of Babel. Gothamist shares the mega-dorm's building plans and asks, "what the fuck is wrong with the folks at NYU?" The answer is at NYU Exposed. And The Village Voice makes it quite clear that NYU couldn't care less about preserving the ever-dwindling character of the neighborhood.

The site of the 158-year-old church will now be home to 700 freshmen.


Christopher said...

I recently applied for a job at Bronx Community College and discovered that the Village campus of NYU was really never intended to be the main campus. NYU built a beautiful campus in the Bronx in the 19th century to spread and grow and be the large sub-urban university it desperately wants to be.

And the the 1960s hit, and the school nearly went bankrupt and was forced to sell that campus to CUNY.

I wonder how many people know that. It's hard to have a school NYU's size in the Village. As we can clearly see.

Ian Schoenherr said...

Ugh. My great-great grandparents were married in that dorm in 1874.