Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Parking Lot at 8th and Greenwich Avenues

VANISHED: July 2007

One Jackson Square, with its "provocative" condos, is coming to the Village. And that means that the parking lot on the corner of 8th and Greenwich is closed. So who cares about a parking lot, you might ask. Aren't we supposed to despise the parking lots that paved over paradise? Well, yes, but I'll take a parking lot over a luxury condo building any day.

Parking lots make great shortcuts, especially at busy times when you really need to break out of the sidewalk traffic. They are empty space and provide openness, sunlight, and sky.

To add insult to injury, the onejacksonsquare website uses the old Village mystique to sell its condos with lines like: "To this day, the birthplace of bohemian culture is still home to an eclectic mix of artists, iconoclasts and cognoscenti."

Of course, this eclectic mix (whatever's left of it) is rapidly dying out. But look, here are some of the remaining iconoclasts who currently inhabit the cruddy park known as Jackson Square, upon which the condo will enjoy "expansive views." I'm sure by the time the new residents move in, these "bohemians" will get the boot:


Anonymous said...

What an awesome shot! Dig the dude that's totally passed out with the monster boombox in back. Can't wait for the new batch of rich fucks that inhabit this skyscraper to get a load of what goes on in their front yard. HAHA!

Jeremiah Moss said...

glad you caught the boombox guy in the back--he's kind of subtle but he really makes the picture complete.