Wednesday, August 29, 2007

10th Street Gallery Buildings


Some very scary news--or, hopefully, "wildly unconfirmed rumor mongering," from Curbed: The low-rise buildings at 90, 86, and 84 East 10th are being bought by a developer to be razed for big-box construction.

That block of buildings between Third and Fourth Avenues was the epicenter of the Abstract Expressionist movement in the 1950s. Willem DeKooning lived and painted where the Jillery gift shop is now. Franz Kline was there. The block was filled with avant-garde galleries like the Tanager (now Danal restaurant). Is this another piece of the East Village's soul being demolished for condos and Starbucks?

DeKooning by Fred McDarrah


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, how did NYU miss this? It's right in their backyard!

dilla said...

the onion on urban "development:"

hoolia said...

any news on this? I'm sorry for the over commenting, I discovered your blog today and I'm just as disappointed with everything as you are. I came to New York at the age of 6 and I haven't left since, but recently I've been debating packing my bags and moving upstate. I can't deal with aquarium buildings replacing culture.

I'm even more angry at this because de Kooning is by far one of my favorite artists...

I leave you with this awesome de Kooning quote:

"for milk to become yogurt it needs culture"

Jeremiah Moss said...

no news since my last update on 10th st:

looks like the bldgs are safe for now, but might be sitting in the shadow of a luxe hotel.