Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Atlantic Yards Footprint


Went out to Brooklyn today to visit the Atlantic Yards footprint, the area blighted by Bloomberg and handed to Ratner on a silver platter.

Had a beer at Freddy's Bar & Backroom, the one-time speakeasy and Dodger-fan hangout, now a beloved dive bar fighting to survive demolition.

Enjoyed watching Donald O'Finn's video montage of Busby Berkeley girls and burlesque dancers over a cold pint, then headed out to tour the footprint.

The area is quiet, desolate. In one tenement window, a doomed woman dozed in front of her television. The lovely terracotta Atlantic Art Building looks empty; most, if not all, of the condo owners have already sold out to Ratner.

The Ward Bakery building was covered with plywood, prepped for demolition, but its waves peeked out. Guess this petition didn't save it.

Everything there is to say about this evil development is already being thoroughly said by Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, Atlantic Yards Report, Fans for Fair Play, No Land Grab, and others.


A Kinloch said...

Great to see shots of the interior of Freddy's. Like the blog!


Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks! i've got a few more in my flickr stream, too.