Monday, May 25, 2020

New York in the Time of a Pandemic

What's it like on the streets of the city during the pandemic? In my recent travels, mostly around Manhattan, I've seen so much of the beauty, spontaneity, and eccentricity that makes New York feel like New York.

I am posting the photos on my Instagram page and hope you'll take a look.


Unknown said...

wanted to forward you this, found on City Realty's webpage:
799 Broadway replaces the former St. Denis Hotel, also designed by Renwick Jr. and erected by the Renwick family in 1853, a few years after the church. At the time, the hotel sported an opulent facade with ornate string courses, window moldings, and cornice finials. Unfortunately, over the years the hotel was converted to low-rent offices, stripped of all decoration and reduced to a stucco-plastered shell of its former self, leaving nothing truly worthy of preservation by the time of the structure’s recent demolition. By contrast, the new office building will breathe new life into the neighborhood’s urban fabric, adding a fresh layer to the neighborhood’s storied architectural strata.
Have you SEEN what's supposed to breathe new life blah blah blah! It looks like a stack of ice-cube trays liberated from someone's fridge. To appropriate the words of the copywriter, it includes "nothing worthy of " being built in place of the St. Denis.

Questinia said...

These are great, Jeremiah! Take care.