Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Movie Popcorn

If you miss going to the movies and enjoying a big bucket of popcorn, well, you can still enjoy one of those things. The wonderful Village East Cinema is selling movie popcorn to go -- including big, big bags of movie popcorn -- every day from 4:00 - 7:00pm.

So why not get your buttery fix and support a historic and beloved East Village theater at the same time? Win win! (Get it at East 12th and Third Ave.)


lips said...

DAVID Wojnarowicz lived there!!! Before it was the Village East, it was an old Yiddish theater that had been unoccupied for years. We both went to the 'Open Pantry' which was a deli between 11 and 12 street on 2nd. We kept running into each other, and one Sunday night we ran into each other at Pyramid and watched 'Whispers' hosted by Happy Phace. Months later, David invited us up to his place, and I remember he had all his stuff on the floor His space was big. I lived at 315 E. 12 Street which was kitty corner to his place. (this was in the late 80's) When the landlords started renovation (turning it into the Village East), David had already contacted AID's. The landlords allowed him to stay until he died and that's EXACTLY where he died; on the second floor of the Village East.

JASR said...

I think that this is on 2nd. Photo plays on third avenue (btw 13 & 14th) disappeared years ago