Thursday, November 15, 2018

Tea & Sympathy

Opened in Greenwich Village in 1990, Tea & Sympathy is struggling to survive in a hyper-gentrified neighborhood where small businesses have been decimated by high rents and other pressures. (This is the "tea house" that Governor Cuomo politicized unfairly when Cynthia Nixon was running against him.)

Now they've started a GoFundMe online fundraiser to help keep them alive.

Owner Nicky Perry writes on the page:

"We need your help! We have been holding on by the skin of our teeth for years now and with increasing rent prices, rental taxes and overall increases in the cost of doing business our little tea shop is in dire need of your support!

We have stood by and watched all of the local businesses who made the West Village what it is today lose to landlords and buyouts and profit losses. We are trying so hard not to be added to that list.

These funds will be used to help lower our loan repayments, pay our vendors, pay our real estate taxes, assist in our rent which for our three businesses is a whopping $28,000 per month plus real estate taxes which as landlords refinance the building increase yearly."

Give them some love and read more about Nicky and her beloved teashop here.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Unfortunately, if the new owners want to get rid of them they'll simply refuse to renew their lease at all, regardless of whether or not they can afford to pay the rent increase.
Already saw it happen in Columbus Ohio.

JQ LLC said...

Good luck to them. Because #NYGovernorAndrewAmazon, the spineless two-faced Mayor de Faustio and all those billionaire obeisant city council people and state senators and congressional representatives would rather people order their boxes or even hot cups of tea to be sent by drones to their homes by Amazon.

Caleo said...

I knew people that worked there in the early 90's, back when a real city still existed.
By the time a company needs a GoFundMe, it's too late. I sympathize with them, but if they are having this many problems they aren't going to make it.
Another one bites the dust.

Unknown said...

Tea and Sympathy has always been one of my favorite places in New York. I left almost 4 years ago and every time I come back I recognize the place less and less.

Unknown said...

Where in Columbus?

KevinB said...

All the entrenched politicians do is make it more costly to run a business. I don't think most people have a clue as to how difficult it is, with minimum wage, regulations, taxes, etc. It also seems odd that people keep voting for progressive and communist/socialist politicians, and their policies keep making things MORE expensive!
Mom and Pops wont be able to afford it, and only large chains will be able to get market share and price out the independents - reducing competition and raising prices.