Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bleecker Bob

Robert "Bleecker Bob" Plotnik has died.

99snapshots_berman posted the news on Instagram yesterday. Academy Records wrote this farewell:

"RIP to Bleecker Bob, a true legend on the NYC record store scene and probably the most singular character among that very idiosyncratic bunch. I first got to know Bob and his wise cracking sarcasm as a teenager in the late 70s as I soiled my fingers flipping through his grimy reused record sleeves. I also quickly learned that he loved an equal dose of sarcasm in return and our interactions were some of my first tastes of what it meant to be a real New Yorker. When I first opened my store in 2001 it was a real badge of honor when he came to check it out and told me it didn’t suck too bad. Catch ya on the B side."

Bleecker Bob's Golden Oldies was a legendary record shop in Greenwich Village. In 2013, after 46 years in business, Bleecker Bob's closed, unable to pay the rent hike. While they discussed relocating, they never found a space and never reopened.

RIP Bleecker Bob.


Andrew Porter said...

*Sigh*... Little bits of my early days keep breaking off and disappearing into the rear view mirror. And I'm now past three score and ten, myself.

G-boogie said...

Man, I'm reading your book and go from weeping (literally) and getting NY 80's angry. I appreciate all you've done to get this book published and for this blog. Bleeker Records closing was a knife in the throat and Bob's passing another to the heart. I hate this new place they're trying to call NYC.