Monday, November 19, 2018

McHale's Sign

When the beloved Hell's Kitchen bar McHale's was forced to close in 2006 and replaced by a luxury condo tower, New Yorkers wept. In 2012, its neon sign was salvaged and then resurfaced in a nearby bar. It wasn't McHale's, but one could dream.

Now a commenter alerts us that the sign has resurfaced once again--on ebay.


It can be yours for $2,500 -- or else it gets destroyed.

The seller writes:

"I bought this to repurpose the sign for something else, but was told this was a popular bar in the theater district at one time. Now demolished for more condos. I would prefer this go to someone interested in NYC history or Mchales and so I am giving this one shot, and then it heads off to the shop. This is located in NYC."