Monday, February 26, 2018

Neptune Diner (Again)


For the umpteenth time, rumors are floating about the demise of the Neptune Diner in Astoria, Queens.

We first heard about it last winter, but it was denied. We heard about it in December, but it was some kind of a misunderstanding. Now it returns. This time, though, the rumor sounds possible.

The Queens Gazette reported it on their Facebook page.

"Sadly Neptune Diner Site is for Sale," they wrote earlier this month. And they pasted in a realtor's listing (but no link to the source):

"As exclusive marketing and sales agent, Eastern Consolidated is pleased to present 31-05 31st Street aka 31-01 Astoria Boulevard North in Astoria, Queens (the 'Property' or 'Site'). The Property, which is well-located corner future development site with three sides of legal light and air and a maximum ZFA of ±41,760 square feet. The Site is currently improved with a standalone diner with on-site parking and will be sold subject to the existing diner lease, which expires August 31, 2019 with no further extension options."

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