Monday, February 12, 2018

Artwashing the Sunshine's Demise

The Sunshine Cinema closed last month--bought by developers who plan to demolish the historic building and put up a glassy office tower that will surely help to further hyper-gentrify the neighborhood.

All photos by Herb Jue

On Thursday of this week, those developers, East End Capital & K Property Group, are hosting a party to celebrate--what exactly? Their triumph over history? The invitation says it's to "CELEBRATE THE LOWER EAST SIDE & PREVIEW OUR NEW OFFICE DEVELOPMENT."

I'm not sure how one can do both simultaneously.

Anyway, it's free and we're all invited.

The party will feature some artwashing--or poetry washing, I suppose you'd call it. Yes, poets are performing at a party thrown by luxury real estate developers to hype a project that is literally demolishing Lower East Side culture.

Some protesters might show up, but probably not.

This is the new Lower East Side.


Cosmo said...

This boggles the mind. They're using a photo of the Sunshine for the event that celebrates its demise. I had to look up all of the performers. I just don't get it. Do they know what they're doing or even care?

meesalikeu said...

It looks like Kid Super dj’d that loathsome event. Disappointing.

Gardenmakers Northwest said...

How very atrocious. And as you so well said, how WILL they do this simultaneously?