Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Court St. Office Supplies

Reader Mark Satlof writes in:

"Court St. Office Supplies here in Downtown Brooklyn is going. They say they will be closing in about two weeks and have been there 40 years. Old-school, old-fashioned stationery and everything else store. It's really a wonder, not a small store. Really a loss of the fabric."

On the shop's Facebook page, they write:

"Our shelves are emptying as we say goodbye, and the store has been full of well-wishers. We'll be closing in a few weeks, but we're staying in the office supply business. So like us on Facebook, join our email list or stop by just to say hello."

They will continue to run the shop online. Owner Jacob Gutman told Brooklyn Paper, “Our challenge has been the shift in how people purchase things these days. Our decision to close the store has nothing to do with rent.”

So blame this one on Internet shoppers.


Scout said...

"So blame this one on Internet shoppers."

This is a completely serious and sober query, not the "trolling" you sometimes accuse - isn't "blaming Internet shoppers" akin to blaming automobile drivers for putting livery stables out of business, or blaming telephone users for making the Pony Express obsolete, or blaming electric streetlights for eliminating the job of lamplighter?

Advances in technology have always changed the essential and quotidian ways we live our lives; objecting to this fact of life opens one up to being called a Luddite or a crank, doesn't it? (Although there are, as we know, people who are perfectly happy and proud to be called Luddites and cranks.)

Unknown said...

Another place I have stopped by many a time for a pen, some paper and greeting card. The staff was always professional there and helpful. That is such a bland section of shops along that row yet this was a lovely little shop to stop in. Internet shopping, and maybe all the CVS, Duane Reades, and Staples that sell much of what they carry. It is sad and it is obvious when you go in a place like this that it has a target on its head.