Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Boots & Saddle

There's a marshal's seizure notice on the door of Boots & Saddle, the popular gay and drag bar that's been in the Village for over 40 years, and fans are panicking.

I've been unable to reach the owner for comment, but people close to Boots on Facebook say the place is temporarily closed--there's a dispute with the landlord--and they hope to reopen soon.

As you may recall, the bar was priced out of its long-time home on Christopher Street back in 2014. They relocated to 7th Avenue South.


ish said...

We used to call that "everybody's first and last gay bar."

Gardenmakers Northwest said...

Oh god , do I ever miss the old Christopher St. The best of times.

Rodin said...

in the eighties there was a raunchiness to the place I liked. the bartender covered completely in tattoos who went on to the "freak" show at Coney Island. I believe he's deceased. friendly guy. I'm sure people remember him. it would get "trade" on occasion. beside the usual gay crowd with its western levi leather theme but not so strict as other clubs/bars. Yes, it was a good first stop. the new drag iteration I never went to.
I walked down Christopher remembering bars where there are now restaurants. Christoper has vanished. And 8th Ave. Chelsea.

kredge said...

My friend was a doorman at the old Boots & Saddle on Christopher Street in 1980. That place was hopping since 1974.....a real cast of characters. Lots of fun.