Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Chez Jacqueline


French bistro Chez Jacqueline opened on MacDougal Street in 1982. And now it's gone.

photo: Judy's Book

The last Yelp review was from January, so it must have shuttered recently. If you know what happened to Chez Jacqueline, please let us know.


Mrs.Malanga said...

So sad...I walked the village with my teenage daughter a couple of week ago to show her mom's old stomping grounds. There is nothing left! The edginess,musical culture and general bohemian aura has been replaced by a mall like atmosphere-sterile!

Cate said...

Found a filing for bankruptcy.

Unknown said...

Do people realize how a few bad Yelp reviews can kill a business? If you read their reviews, first one diner complained that the food was salty. A few reviews later, not enough salt and flavorless. I can only imagine the angst going on over these attacks. Yelp is an acid eating away at Vanishing New York!

Unknown said...

It was not the Yelp reviews. The original owners sold the restaurant a few years ago. This was at least the scond Marshall's seizure. They stopped paying taxes.

unicorns r us said...

They didn't pay the landlord or the vendors or the taxes so guess what they were evicted.