Monday, March 27, 2017

Pearl Paint Luxe

The trophy hunters have snared Pearl Paint and stuck its head on a pike.

Curbed reports:

"Pearl Paint, the beloved downtown art supply store, closed in 2014, but a piece of the shop still lives on—in the new, pricey rentals that have just hit the market in its former Canal Street headquarters. Listings for four apartments that sit atop the former art shop just appeared, with the cheapest going for $16,000/month, and the priciest—a top-floor penthouse—asking $18,000/month."

And: "Unsurprisingly, they’re using the store as a selling point: the brokerbabble touts the apartments as being part of 'the stunning residential conversion of the iconic art store,' and the neon 'Pearl Paint' sign that once hung on the flagship is now installed in the building’s lobby. (One could see this as either a nice piece of historic preservation, or an egregious way of capitalizing on the store’s historic cachet. We’ll let you make that call.)"


Downtowner said...

A sad reminder of the relentless grip of capitalism - every time you enter the building!

Brian said...

Nice opening line, sums it up.

$200,000+ a year rent for a loft, little rich for my blood.

Theodore said...

Who in their right mind would pay those sums to live on Canal Street? I lived on Canal across from Greene St back in 2005 for 8 months and it was Hell, especially on the weekends. You either stayed in the apt all day or left and didn't come back - it wasn't worth fighting the hordes every time you wanted to pop out for something. Never mind the constant traffic, banging of trucks, etc.

Pat said...

Just my two cents. The Pearl Paint sign looks stupid in the lobby. Even with money these people are dull and dumb.

meesalikeu said...

just imagine the artists that came in to that historic paint store. wally shawn even walked in front of it. the cachet! i'm going to inquire.