Monday, March 27, 2017

Angelica Kitchen


After 40 years, Angelica Kitchen is closing.

Civil Eats

Gothamist reports:

"The restaurant had been struggling for several years, particularly because rents in the area have become almost unbearable for independent businesses. A new lease McEachern signed in 2014 was for over $21,000 a month—keeping in mind that doesn't include additional expenses including utilities, taxes, insurance, payroll, etc.—up from $450 a month when the restaurant first opened nearby on St. Marks Place."


Unknown said...

Hi Jeremiah - thanks for this great blog --

On Sunday April 1 at 10:30am and 3:30pm NY1's new public affairs talk show is devoting an entire half hour to
Vanishing small businesses --- we speak with Manhattan borough president Gale Brewer, Commissioner of Small business services Gregg Bishop, Councilman ERic Ulrich and Greater NY chamber of commerce Mark Jaffe. I hope you can tune in -- it was because of your blog that i learned about Angelica's Kitchen - and we mention the closing of this beloved vegan eatery in our show.
We plan to do more stories on this topic and I hope to have you on the show sometime.
Keep up the great work- this is a GREAT blog!

Cheryl Wills, Host, In Focus, NY1 News 212-379-3412

Jeremiah Moss said...

Thank you Cheryl. I'm glad to hear this. I don't have NY1, though; will it be online?

Unknown said...

I loved Angela's Kitchen and sad to see it close.

Wow Cheryl Willis. As a former New Yorker I miss seeing you on tv and I miss NY1. Wish I could get the channel in Atlanta. All of my favorite restaurants in the city are long gone.