Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gaslight Lounge


In the Meatpacking District, David Brown writes in to report that Gaslight Lounge and Pizza has shuttered. There was an auction this weekend and everything was hauled away.

photos by David Brown

Gaslight opened in 1996. On the Meatpacking Gentrification timeline, that's after Florent, after Hogs & Heifers, but before Pastis.

Their website calls it, "Meatpacking District's first and oldest bar lounge."

In 2015, the Times reported that Gaslight would vanish this year:

"Retail changes are also altering the area, with neighborhood institutions continuing to disappear. The Rockfeld Group does not plan to renew the lease of the Gaslight Lounge, a neighborhood fixture with heavy red drapes and antique furniture at 400 West 14th Street, when it expires in 18 months. Instead, Rockfeld hopes to market the ground floor of the five-story landmark building to a high-end retail tenant."

Steven Feldman of Rockfeld group told the paper, “Kind of like what happened in SoHo, the first guys to come in are the restaurants and the bars, and then the restaurants and bars get priced out."


Scout said...

Anyone know what was in this space before 1996?

Here's Park Slope said...

Wasn't this also somehow tangentially connected to the original Gaslight (of Bob Dylan fame) on MacDougal?

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, for the past fifteen years or so the place was packed with scumbag tourists. They were shattered on booze and drugs. They were mostly American guys in bad clothes and American women wearing worse. It was a dreadful sight every weekend. Good Riddance. Goodbye. I do find relief, however, knowing it wasn't firebombed, which is what it deserved.

Gerry said...

Are they reopening somewhere?

Woody walker said...

Place was cool in beginning Davy Curran we will miss you brother,you’re boys from out east , Dell and Woody.

Unknown said...

Eh, really enjoyed this place the first and only time I went