Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Last month, I first reported that Tekserve would be vanishing. Then we heard that they'd be looking for a new location, with plans to "morph with the times." Alas, those plans have changed.

Tekserve will shutter.

CEO Jerry Gepner wrote in to say:

"Tekserve is sad to announce that in a few months when our lease is up on 23rd Street we will close our retail service and sales business. We have been working on plans to move to a smaller retail location, but it has proven to be an impossible goal.

Tekserve started when there were few service options for Apple products in New York. Sales and foot traffic have fallen with the growth of the internet and the spread of Apple stores. Products have become more reliable and manufacturers have changed their service strategies and requirements. In addition, retail rents are out of sight. We simply can’t find a sustainable retail business model in this environment.

Our amazing corporate and professional team, which spun off into T2 Computing in 2014, will continue to thrive, joined by the Tekserve SMB (small and medium business) team. As Tekserve transitions to a business oriented company they will continue to provide exceptional solutions and services for their customers.

We will continue to operate our service center, accepting items for warranty and non-warranty repairs and data recovery, until July 31st. If you have a previously serviced device that you have not yet picked up, we ask you to do so promptly, and absolutely by August 15th. Abandoned items will be recycled. Our retail store will operate until August 15th.

The nicest thing you can do to give us a good sendoff is to continue to shop our retail store until we close it. All new items carry their manufacturer’s full warranty, and we will continue to offer AppleCare Protection Plan for new Apple products.

As times, culture and technologies change, so must businesses – and with all of the changes that have occurred since we started repairing Macs in 1987, it is time to leave retail behind. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work and grow with you over the last thirty years."


Unknown said...

Place was so overpriced it was ridiculous.

Ms. said...

Worst news this week next to the world news. Damn!

Go Green said...

Hooray! Garbage in, Garbage out. You rip me off, Landlord rip you off! Good Riddance :)

Brian said...

R.I.P., still my store even after Apple stores poped up everywhere. I feel old.

Unknown said...

RIP Tekserve

Kafelatte said...

My favorite store. You will be missed!

Andrew Porter said...

I see the trolls are out, so firm in their beliefs that they post using their real names. Effing morons.
I bought several Macs, hard drives, etc., from Tekserve over the last 20 years, even paying the sales tax when I didn't have to, to support them. They also had those wonderful displays of old Macs, that old Coke machine, and excellent service. When my old Mac crashed before I could back it up completely, they recovered all the data, did a great job for me.
Well, I've still got my old NYMUG—New York Mac Users Group—t-shirt, and wonderful memories. Like Jeremiah, I am resisting the ceaseless winds of change. Bu it ain't easy...