Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Acne on Horatio

Last year, the little stationery store at 8th and Horatio that used to be Typewriters & Things, along with the newsstand next door, was forced to close due to a steep rent hike.

Something new has opened in their place. And guess what--it's a global luxury chain.

Acne Studios, with locations around the world, has moved into the spaces and then some.

I see their ads all over the place and, every time, I think to myself: Why in God's name would you name your luxury lifestyle brand after a painful and disfiguring skin disorder? The answer is on Wikipedia: "The name ACNE stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions."

Anyway, it's sleek and expensive and enormous. And it's not a newsstand or a stationery shop or anything else a person might actually need. So it fits right in with the new Greenwich Village.


Kathy A said...

I viewed the store's website. Why are their clothing models so depressed? Are anorexia and anhedonia fashionable, again? So many questions.

King Ning said...

Another oh-so-quirky bullshit emporium that will feature the now-typical ultra-minimalist interior design consisting of a half dozen $800 tee shirts spread out through the space. I pray for the stock market to crash.

Amanda said...

I think that all the time too, when I see that brand! Or should I say, when I cringe and avert my eyes with a visceral shudder because why why why. Much like I feel when I see what's become(ing) of that neighbourhood.

DrBOP said...

Just another pistule about to pop.

Unknown said...

I live a block away from this ridiculous designer store. I'd say it's very accurately named. ACNE is a big, oily, stainless-steeled, fluorescent-lit blemish on the neighborhood, and someone should pop this pimple. (I give it a year until it closes anyway.)