Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mimi's Pizza


At 84th and Lexington on the Upper East Side for 59 years, Mimi's Pizza is no more.

On Sunday they wrote on their Facebook page: "It is with a heavy heart that after 59 years, today is our last day of business. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are forced to close our doors. We want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers and neighbors on the Upper East Side for your friendship and patronage. This is an extremely difficult time for our family, but we hope to see you in the future."

Andrew Fine shared the news and a photo on Twitter, announcing today's auction of the pizzeria's equipment:

"Mimi" is short for Dominic, the original owner, according to this little film about the place:

Mimi's is considered a local institution. Paul McCartney was a regular. Bobby Flay used to roll out the dough.

It will be missed.

*Update: The Daily News followed up on this story and reports the closure is due to a rent dispute with the landlord. So what else is new?


John K said...

Ugh. Like a massive, monstrous steamroller, hypergentrification just keeps rolling along and crushing anything small, individual and unique in New York!

And I think poor Steel Gym on 23rd St., which had been 24/7 Gym and before that Adolphus Fitness, also is now gone!

Bob K said...

So sad. I remember Mimi and his pizza with great affection.

Unknown said...

aw shit. only delicious memories now

Unknown said...

I used to get a sub roll and would have then stuff a slice in the middle. It would fill you up for small $$$

Jonathan said...

So sad - beyond the amazing history, it was one of the best slices in Manhattan. And its being replaced by a Famiglia!