Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Andrade Shoe Repair

As the building that houses the original Bowlmor Lanes is emptied (Stromboli Pizza has shuttered, the magazine shop has moved across the street) and scaffolding goes up to ready it for demolition (luxury condos are coming), the block of University between 12th and 13th loses another long-time mom and pop.

Next to what had been the University Diner for over 20 years, Andrade Shoe Repair will close April 25.

The jeweler who changed watch bands and batteries has already vacated the shop. It seems like every time I find a watch battery changer, they go out of business.

Why are they closing? "The rent," I was told. Of course. What shoe repair shop can afford the rent anymore? Where will we go for shines and new soles? (There used to be a lot more Andrades in town.)

While we're on the topic, if you haven't yet, please sign the petition to save Jim's Shoe Repair, one of the oldest cobbler shops left in the city, about to be annihilated by Duane Reade.


JAZ said...

"Where will we go for shines and new soles?"

They won't be needed. The people that can afford to still be here when the music stops are all way too rich to consider wearing the same pair of shoes more than twice.

laura r. said...

seriously, people do need heels and soles. there will be chains for that service.

Valerie said...

Sorry to see Andrade will be going. Shoe repair is one of those services getting tougher to find, like USPS mail boxes. By the way, University Restaurant/Diner was on the corner of University Place and E. 12th Street for at least 36 years. In 1977, it was a smaller spot.