Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Oyster Bar Neon

When the Famous Oyster Bar (of 54th Street since 1959) closed suddenly this past January due to "exorbitant rent prices," and every part of it went up for auction, we thought we'd seen the last of its bright red neon sign.

But the sign has reappeared, all the way down on Delancey Street.

It's now part of the facade on the Grey Lady, a restaurant with a Nantucket theme. Again with the small-town America theming of New York, but anyway, there's the sign, alive and well. So that's something.


Unknown said...

The sign is a piece NYC's history
Kudos to them for saving it
The only problem is the both times I went there they weren't serving oysters of any sort. so????
Plus the food is meh.....

Anonymous said...

I don't usually care for "themed" anything but I think a restaurant which serves food from another part of the USA is no different than a French bistro or a Mexican taco stand. Themed bars are hideous though. While we were not paying attention neon signs in general are disappearing at a crazy rate. They have been banished from being installed in some neighborhoods like the UES unless they are grandfathered in somehow. Literally no new signage is neon these days. Neon signs will be all but gone soon in Manhattan.

T.E. Rinaldi said...

Looks like a good fit! Anyone know what happened to the "Sea Food" swing sign?

laura r. said...

good news they did not throw the sign away. i would assume they serve oysters, @least some of the time. question: what kind of americana food is acceptable to serve in NYC? cacun? soul food? what is not acceptable? tex mex? a cache is personal matter.