Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gotham Food

Reader Mitch writes in: "News is that the Gotham Deli -- Columbus Ave between 72nd & 73rd Street (East Side of Street) -- will be closing due to a rent hike. The Starbucks located next door will be expanding into the deli's space."

Gotham is just a little deli, a place for sandwiches, but it's been there a long time and people in the neighborhood like the place. Do we really need more of Starbucks?


laura r. said...

People do not need to eat, they need coffee & froyo. maybe no one cooks?

laura r. said...

comment #2: NY no longer keeps it real. its just one big fake touristy college town. the rich send the maids to shop somewhere, the maid cooks. the young professionals & the rich have resevations, or they have it delivered. the poor immigrants have their own markets, in their neigborhoods. am i on the something here?

Scuba Diva said...

Laura R: It's been long established that no one in New York cooks, except the restaurant chefs and servants.

James C. Taylor said...

Ack! Always liked the metal facade on that place. Thankfully I've taken a few pictures over the years.


Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken that Gotham is closing after so many years. It was a fixture on Columbus Ave. Nice people worked there and they always remembered how you liked your sandwich or your morning order of coffee and egg on a roll.
And the metal facade with those circa 1930s or 1940s double doors was always nice to walk through.
Another little piece of NYC gone into the ether.