Monday, March 17, 2014

The Lively Set

The Lively Set, a vintage lamp store on Bedford Street, is closing on March 31.

From a past report at DNA, it sounds like they've been closing for a year now, but somehow hung on. Now they're having an "everything must go" sale.

They've been on Bedford for nearly 20 years, but can't afford the rent hike.


Chums's mum said...

This is particularly depressing for me.

Scuba Diva said...

I'm sad to see this recent update; I know they were trying to move, and I also know they've been in the process of moving out for over a year.

I hate to see mom-and-pop stores close, but it seems to be an inevitability nowadays. If I were wealthy enough to help some of these places stay afloat, I'd be seen as part of the problem! You can't win.