Thursday, March 20, 2014

King Glassware

On the Bowery since 1933, Max Maged & Sons' King Glassware Supplies had been in business for 81 years, selling glasses to restaurants and other customers. They closed sometime in the past month.

Over at Yelp, one reviewer wrote, "it is nice to to do business with a family business that has been operating for over 80 years. when he is no longer there, i will know he sold his building at his prices as he so rightfully deserves."

Another reviewer, Kate in Brooklyn, recalled shopping for an obscure item. She wrote of the owner, "We talked about how his family had owned the business since the depression era, with his father and grandfather running it before him. Spurred on by a tall display of Libbey glassware (which you're familiar with if you drink in most establishments that serve decent cocktails), we talked about the ridiculous changes in bar culture and the horrorshow that is an 11oz martini glass." She added, "keep this place alive as the Bowery gentrification wipes out all the family owned joints, all the places that don't look like terrariums for stockbrokers and all the places that don't offer safe haven for tourists and bulimic choco-tini drinkers."

Through the dusty windows today, the shelves are still stacked with glasses.

I never got to go inside when it was open, but I love the signage, and especially the assertion painted on the window. Not 1,000 bargains, mind you, but 1,001.


Mitch said...

Be interesting to know exactly why he closed it. Sometimes things are not always so simple.

Mitch said...

An oddity I'd love to know the answer to: On the hanging sign, the name of the founder was "Max Magred", but on the sign over the door, it's "Max Maged".

Why would someone be willing to hang a sign (for 80 years no less) over one's store that spells one's own name wrong. And I wonder which is the correct spelling.

laura r. said...

the family may have decided to sell. maybe they no longer wanted to run the business. OR maybe they will buy another property outside of manhattan & continue. like the photo of the beautiful old buildings. then you see the monster lurking in back. i have little interest in that area, if its all glass hotels & bs. i will continue to visit chinatown. NYC is not a real place anymore, it's a tourist trap. the action is in brooklyn & queens.

3rd Rate Chump said...

I walked in here looking for cheap wine glasses to use for tasting at our wine shop, and was surprised to find vintage tiki drinkware for sale as new! The had the white Buddha with his arms overhead, ceramic coconut cups, and tiki god tallboys in may colors. I figured if I'd asked they might've produced a Scorpion Bowl too! I didn't buy any as they were somewhat expensive (I remember over $20 for one when you can find them in thrift stores for a buck) but was amazed to discover this trove of ancient never-used barware.
I ended up buying everything I could for my home and business including pots, pans, knives, and the aforementioned glassware. R.I.P. to the King!

iknowtheguy said...

Maged is the correct spelling