Thursday, March 20, 2014

St. Mark's Books to E. 3rd St.

At long last, the new location of St. Mark's Bookshop has been revealed.

Co-owner Terry McCoy writes in, "The space we want to move to is at 136 East Third Street, just west of Avenue A. We've been sent a proposed lease, and we have a lawyer who has gone through it and sent comments to the landlord, who is the city, or NYCHA. There's a long way to go to signing a lease, though."

Terry says, "We're trying to raise a lot of money to be able to afford to move, and the main thrust right now is our Indiegogo campaign, which is St. Mark's on the Move. We're working on a few other fronts as well. There is a committee of concerned people who want to help called the Friends of St. Mark's Bookshop, who are all working on the issue."

Please consider giving to the bookshop's Indiegogo campaign so the East Village, and the city, can enjoy this great bookstore for years to come.

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Natural said...

I use to love the East Village - Now I'm in NC , The city is Very different from 15 years ago.

Anonymous said...

What neighborhood hasn't changed in 15 years?

mch said...

The city changes and moves, but I'm a good bookstore whore. (Decide for yourself what that "good" is modifying -- me? book? store?) So I just contributed. And you can order online from St. Marks, so do that, too.

Anonymous said...

The people that work here should have "I rather be fishing" written on their foreheads to explain their disinterest in serving customers. I don't expect corporate trained robots "how may I help you" but maybe a simple "thanks" after you just spent $100 on a couple of books would say your patronage is appreciated.

Danny said...

This is my favorite bookshop still left in the city. I live in Maryland but I go almost every time I am in town. I am not sure what a new, smaller SMB over at Ave A will be like, but this is definitely a worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

I think there are more people who are infatuated with the 'idea' of a bookstore like this in the neighborhood than the actual bookstore itself.

chris flash said...

St. Mark's Books is a VITAL part of our community and deserves as much support as any of us can give, whether through donations or simply going there FIRST when looking for a certain book.

The owners don't HAVE TO operate a book store, you know. Faced with incessant rent hikes and the headaches from having to move several times over the past 20 years, they could be doing something else with their time.

Since they are willing to keep it going, St. Mark's Books should be seen as a PUBLIC SERVICE, not just a business!!

laura r. said...

when it closes for good there will be 100 comments. buy books, & stop the b.s.

Jason said...

Chris F: so you're saying that they are doing everyone a favor by remaining in business? ? Businesses exist to make money and this one does a pretty shitty job at it. If they did better, they would not have to constantly put their hat out begging for money.

chris flash said...

Jason: You clearly DO NOT get it. This issue is BIGGER than just a bookstore trying to stay in business in a hyper-inflated rental market. It's about supporting a long-time local business and keeping your money in the community, not in the coffers of a national chain that has no roots in or connection with our neighborhood.

YES, I feel that St. Mark's Books IS doing us a favor by being there, and if rents weren't so fucking unsustainably high, they wouldn't have to struggle to stay in business. The fact that they are still in business after almost three decades proves that they ARE wanted in our community.

With your shitty attitude, why don't you just boycott them, wherever they are or move to -- I'm sure that you will NOT be missed!!

Anonymous said...

st marks bookstore should never have left their former location on st marks. now they are headed to 3rd street, and from soon to oblivion.

Will Decker said...

When I'm in NYC for Next Year's Protest at the NYFed on Tzx Day I will stop in and buy a Samuel R. Delany book. I just watched the YouTube Video Samuel R. Delany - Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders taken in St. Marks. Loved it! Oh, I am from Norman, Oklahoma USA.