Friday, November 2, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

It's been a difficult week, but I am here. I've been keeping up with those of you on Facebook, and hope everyone got through the storm okay. The news could go on forever, but here are just a few links from the week with Sandy:

The Rockaways were devastated. [Gothamist]

Coney Island took a beating. [ATZ]

Central Park lost over 250 trees. [Gothamist]

The death toll on Staten Island keeps climbing. [SIL]

Images of flooding and wreckage keep coming in. [J&KM]

The payphone became necessary again. [HuffPo]

The uptown/downtown divide led one Melissa Kao to rechristen downtown SoPo--South of Power:

Gawker declared an Uptown/Downtown civil war. [Gawker]

People in the East Village resorted to Dumpster diving for food. [EVG]

While many New Yorkers were lining up for food, gas, transportation, hundreds were lining up for the latest Apple product. [Racked]

Battered Red Hook emerged from the flood waters. [Curbed]

The National Guard arrived on the LES. [BB]

Many heeded the call for volunteers and donations. [TLD]

A renegade Halloween Parade took over the Village. [Gothamist]

Bloomberg endorsed Obama for his stance on climate change. [MB]


Ed said...

I live in Midtown. Here are some observations.

One, you would never have known a hurricane hit New York here. I went for a walk around 6 PM the night of the storm. It was just really windy with a little rain, almost pleasant.

Second, the last couple days the streets up here have been packed to the point where its difficult to walk around. I would swear all the yunnies from downtown came up here to recharge their cellphones.

Third, Midtown and the UES/ UWS suck (above 125th Street things get interesting again). All the good restaurants, bars, retail establishments in all price ranges are/ were below 14th Street. I don't want to go downtown before the power is restored because it seems everything is closed, and besides it would be something like disaster tourism. But I've realized how much of my life was spent hopping on the subway or bus to go downtown to do things.

The night of the hurricane, I went to PJ Clarkes and had a good time. It was just locals at that bar, not the usual after-work crowd. I attempted to there yesterday and the place was too packed, mostly with people in suits, to go in.

As Andrew Cuomo noted at his press conference, its ridiculous its taken this long to restore power and I hope that if Vanishing New York has come back maybe the power has come back too.

I'm also was not hear for the 2003 blackout and I'm curious to hear about how different it was then from now.

laura said...

i missed the 2003 blackout. but i survived the one in 1966, the big one. i walked from bergdorf goodman to the west 30s. then someone picked me up there & drove to brookyn. then again the blackout in 1977. missed sept.11th, i left NY the night of the 10th. i missed this big hurricane too. new yorkers are getting to understand they too are effected by all kinds of 3rd & bibical happenings. attacks, the great floods, & the great darkness.

laura said...

laura meant to say: "new yorkers are being effected by al kinds of 3RD WORLD & bibical happenings........." sorry for the typo, i am carried away by it all. (we can start w/the irish riots, more dead than 9/11. the city was on fire, a dantes inferno. missed that too).

bennyg said...

There was also flooding in Mott Haven section of the Bronx aswell but no.significant damage

Ken Mac said...

Devestation by Night:

Ken Mac said...

All you who enjoy MacDougal Street: Please avoid Mamoun's Falafel (if you didn't already). Last night, when the block finally received power around 4AM, Mamouns was charging double for falafel, and their other, uh, treats. Such good neighbors!

laura said...

ken that falafel place was there 30years ago. thought you would celebrate that. still a grease pit, im sure.

Grand St. said...

Damn, Ken, falafel price gouging?!? That's seriously messed up.