Monday, November 19, 2012

The New Bill's

Last week we heard from the decorator of the new Bill's, formerly the wonderful Bill's Gay 90s. Now we hear from an anonymous tipster who was at the new Bill's this weekend for their soft opening.

He sends in this photo of the sign being removed, on which he writes, "The destruction is complete."

He also offers this review of the new place:

"I went there for drinks on Friday night for their soft open. If the flagship stores of Pottery Barn and Ann Taylor Loft had passionless sex and produced offspring, the result would look a lot like the decor inside the new Bill's. Absolute abomination. They replaced actual authentic for fake authentic. And the drinks cost 14 bucks--up significantly."

Bill's Vanishes
Bill's Carted Away
Bill's Gay 90s
Bill's in Boardwalk Empire


Anonymous said...

The people who would patronizing this place are having passionless sex, that's why Fifty Shades of Gray is a bestseller in their generation. To these folks, overpriced equals authentic. People's Pops, for example. Doubt that this new Bill's would last 88 months or weeks.

Marty Wombacher said...

I just threw up...a lot. What a disgrace. When Barbara opens up her new Bill's Gay Nineties, I hope people go in droves to support her. She has all the original memorabilia.

glamma said...

Wow. What happened to Bill's represents every goddamned thing that is totally WRONG in NYC 2012.

This is just outrageous.