Thursday, October 25, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

You must see "Zipper" at the NYC Documentary Fest--a heartbreaking and enraging story about greed, politics, and destruction in modern-day Coney Island. [DocNYC]

Gimme Gimme Records is gone. Here's the last letter they received, from a distraught customer. [EVG]

About that random piece of High Line in Yvonne's 1980s was over Jane Street. [FNY]

On trucks full of firewood and ice. And icepicks. And stab wounds. [WIC]

Playland Arcade, the wonderful Coney ruin, is currently under demolition. [ATZ]

Going back to the Gas Station, the "former gas station that turned into a junkies' shooting gallery that turned into an art-installation-cum-performance space over on Avenue B," now a Duane Reade. [FP]

A new fro-yo joint is coming to Park Slope, and the locals share their thoughts: WTF. ANOTHER ONE? It's better than an effing cell phone store [crossed out]. We should get a Sprint Store.

History on the neon sign of the Keller Hotel. [NYN]

Take a walk down 2nd Avenue in the East Village--10 years ago. [J&KM]

Meet Ricky Powell, a native New Yorker and photographer, feeding squirrels and talking about the new Greenwich Village, where he writes graffiti to say: "Fuck the new-jack cornballs" with their "creepy, ugly vibes," and "Go back to schmucksville." [Vimeo]

In Astoria, the mayor is still Koch. [OMFS]

The watercolor streetscapes of 6th Avenue in the Village, by AFineLyne. [UNY]

An artist watches artist studios wipe out the factories and warehouses of Bushwick. [TUH]

A comic-strip take on the B&H Dairy. [YB]

Enjoy scenes of Tompkins Square Park in 1988--thanks to Michelle Shocked:


Space Pope said...

RE: The Gas Station

Well how about that? I was at the last G.G. Allin show mentioned in that link, and I wound up standing on a parked car because there was a stampede of Westchester types that were running out of there like someone set their aft-ends on fire. Someone had the 'sense' to bring their little kids to a G.G. Allin show and left them standing there during the stampede. So I scooped the two kids up before they could get trampled by the crowd and stood on top of the nearby car, waiting for the stupidity to die down.

Side note; I was also in "Hated In The Nation" during the opening credits. I think. Girl I was dating at the time had the 'Kiss Kiss Kill Kill' boots on. We got paid in 40oz beers for our efforts. I loved the Gas Station and wentt to shows there quite a bit. CoC played a few shows there as well as some other big-name groups. That kind of stuff just won't happen in that area again.

Grand St. said...

"Go back to schmucksville" should be on a T-shirt.

Bring back "Rappin' with the Rickster!"

Erica said...

The St Marks Bar and Grill...I forgot all about that place. And then I remembered this
The Stones shot their video there and in the hood. That's the East Village as I remember it, when I lived there in the mid-80's....