Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ghost Signs 1997

Reader Steve Fitch recently put together his slides of ghost signs from across the city, all taken in 1997, then he scanned them and got them up on Flickr for us to enjoy.

Some of my favorites: "Cooped Up? Feelin' Low? Enjoy a Movie Today." The best.

A lovely pawnbrokers' shop.

And our lost Amato Opera House--the mural vanished when NYU put up their dorm alongside it. Check out Steve's Flickr page for many more.


Steve Fitch said...

Thanks, Jeremiah. One polite correction of a technical nature: The images had been scanned from slides onto a Kodak Photo CD in early 1998. The other day, I managed to find the disc and convert the proprietary-format images to TIF, then to JPG for uploading.

esquared™ said...

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Marty Wombachewr said...

Love these, thanks for posting them!

BabyDave said...

Great stuff. Thanks to Mr Fitch for his time and effort.
Ah, the Amato mural. I had all but forgotten it. A wonderful memory brought back.