Thursday, May 27, 2010

St. Vincent's 2

This Saturday, you can join "Hands Around St. Vincent's" to demand a hospital for Greenwich Village.

Meanwhile the plywood at St. Vincent's keeps expanding, and gaining more and more notes.

A giant CLOSED sign has gone up, and the notes are getting more graphic and moody. Former patients are taking the opportunity to recall experiences of being shot and having their "insides blown out."

They're sharing stories and photos of husbands who nearly died.

And one poses a challenging existential question: "I was born here in 1958. Now where was I born."


EV Grieve said...

These stories are both fascinating...and heartbreaking...

Anonymous said...

After 9/11, the exterior walls of St. Vincent's, facing W. 11th, were covered with Missing posters. I took many photos, knowing the posters were ephemeral. I had no idea the building was also.

Community health care cedes to real estate greed. New York is New Carthage.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

"Now where was I born?" I love that.

Unknown said...

So many THOUSANDS of unwanted NY babies born here over the past 150 yrs.........transferred to New York Foundling Hospital, then placed in Catholic Schools...........shhhhhh.......and nobody ever "noticed" !!!!! Only a group of New York women could accomplish all this and not beg for applause !!!! Those Sisters !!!! Charity is going with them!!! God help New York !