Wednesday, May 26, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

SATC2 review: "you may be shocked at just how much older you feel when the whole thing is over... Is Manhattan really that over? Maybe it is for Carrie and her friends." We can only hope. [NYT]

Great Jones auto repair shop is doomed. [EVG]

Rich NIMBYs do it with lobbying firms. [Eater]

How to avoid misanthropy. [LC]

The Tasti-d-Lite that moved into the former and beloved Chez Brigitte is now open for business:


esquared™ said...

“…Dragging its deplorable carcass into infinity, Sex and the City 2 is so bad you can’t even watch the trailer…” from New York Observer


Sex and the City 2 Reviews: The 10 Best Slams via Runnin' Scared

Tree said...

I used to walk by that repair shop a lot; it's amazing it lasted this long.

Jeremiah Moss said...

wow--those quotes on runnin scared are amazing. i love it, thanks!

Laura Goggin Photography said...

lol, Rex Reed rocks!

Anonymous said...

the cupcake chain you speak of regularly sues small private business over so-called "trademark infringements." if you check it out, these claims have cost small business owners a great deal and have often been over issues only money could win. (My favorite example is the claim that only their chain can use sugar polka dots to adorn the top of a cupcake. However, this is a typical design used by generations of bakers)

can you tell i hate them!!!

Liza Cowan said...

I lived around the corner from Chez Brigitte in the eighties. What a great place. I hadn't realized it closed, glad to hear it is reopening. Your blog is fascinating.

ex New Yorker living in Vermont

Jeremiah Moss said...

liza, Brigitte is not reopening. it's turned into a fro-yo shop.