Tuesday, May 18, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Remembering when the Upper West Side was all "decaying tenements packed with poor Puerto Rican and Negro families and the gathering place of drunks, narcotics addicts and sexual perverts." [NYT]

On "Gentrification and Its Discontents" bemoans "all this bellyaching about authenticity and lost soul." Apparently, the city never had a soul to lose. [Atlantic]

Good news from the daughter of vanished Master Shiki. She comments that Shiki is happy in Japan.

Terrible news: "Gino’s Makes It Official: May 29 Is the End." [CR]

Victory for the EV: Last night's "Community Board 3 SLA Committee meeting was possibly historic" = less noise for Ave A. [Blah]

"Our world is getting louder, a bone-crunching and I.Q.-lowering fact..." [NYT]

Banksy gets dissed. [Gothamist]

Skateboarding advertising thing brings wheels back to (nearby) Philip Johnson's New York State Pavilion (once a roller rink). [RS]

Best headline: "Cowboy Confronts Man-Boobs." [NMNL]

Enjoy three clips from Frank O'Hara. [P&W]

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